Wednesday, April 2, 2008

CMA unveils website for patient-doctor communication

CMA unveils website for patient-doctor communication
From the CBC:
A secure website for patients to interact with their family doctors was launched Tusday by the Canadian Medical Association.

CMA president Dr. Brian Day said the portal will empower patients to take a more active role in their health care.

"The patient will be in control. I believe in empowering patients. I believe in a patient-focused system where the patient and the consumer is No. 1," Day said.

The new online tool, unveiled Tuesday at a news conference in Vancouver, focuses on tracking tools for three key areas: asthma, high blood pressure and obesity.

Patients using the system can call up their personal profile online and enter information about their conditions. That information is forwarded to their doctors' offices and then the physician monitors and assesses it.

More conditions, such as diabetes, will be added as time goes on.


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About 200 physicians and several hundred patients are already using the site created by CMA company, Practice Solutions.

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