Monday, February 2, 2009

The See-Through Doctor: Sitting Naked in the Exam Room

The See-Through Doctor: Sitting Naked in the Exam Room Medscape Journal of Medicine, 2008; 10(8): 186
"There once was a time, only dimly remembered today, when doctors still hesitated to ask a patient to disrobe, struggling instead to drop the mouth of a stethoscope down a slightly unbuttoned shirtfront.
While this may sound like history from the horse-and-buggy era, it was commonplace in this country just 50 years ago.[1] Yet in that relatively short time, patient and physician roles have metaphorically begun to reverse. Today, it is the patients who are demanding that reluctant doctors stand naked in the exam room. “Your test results have just come back from Dr. Google,” they begin accusingly, “and I think we should discuss those patient satisfaction scores.”

Includes video.

Interesting changes in the Doctor-Patient Relationship...


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